Work-out in style with our yoga mats

Introducing our Yoga Mat Collection, designed exclusively by The Glow Up Club. These mats are more than just a workout accessory; they are a statement piece. Perfect for Yoga, Pilates, stretching, and more, our mats combine functionality with unique style, ensuring your practice is both effective and aesthetically pleasing. They are easy to carry and provide both stability and comfort with anti-slip rubber on the bottom and soft microsuede on top.

Practice gratitude and create memories with our keepsake journals

Capture life's most special and meaningful experiences with our A Million Memories Collection. Thoughtfully designed by our founder, Cristina, this collection is perfect for recording important milestones, stories, celebrations, and holidays. We cherish the art of handwriting and its significance in preserving life stories. Pouring your heart into writing about these special moments will help you feel more in tune with yourself and connected to your loved ones. Every moment is extraordinary, and a keepsake journal is one of the most precious gifts one can give or receive.

Glow from the inside out with our glow up essentials

Elevate your wellness journey with our Glow Up Essentials, featuring a selection of wellness, fashion, and beauty essentials designed to help you shine from the inside out. Our crystal water bottles are perfect for infusing your hydration routine with positive energy, while our fashion and beauty essentials ensure you look and feel your best every day. Whether you're pampering yourself with luxurious self-care items, accessorizing with style, or embracing holistic wellness practices, our Essentials have everything you need to radiate confidence and well-being.

Create passive income & glow up with Inner Bloom


Inner Bloom is the first Women's Wealth & Wellness Academy with Master Resell Rights. Want to learn how to bloom back into the happiest, healthiest, most authentic version of you and build a brand around that?

Over +50 female coaches teach you to do just that and as an added bonus: you can even resell the course after to make your investment back or make passive income from home!

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