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Selenite Water bottle

Selenite Water bottle

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Hydrate with Clarity and Purity: Selenite Crystal Water Bottle 

Introducing our Selenite Crystal Water Bottle, a refreshing union of wellness and elegance. This sleek bottle features a genuine selenite crystal, celebrated for its purifying and high-vibration properties.

🤍 Key Features:

  • Purify Your Hydration: Experience the clarity of selenite as it infuses your water with its pure and cleansing energy. Hydrate your body and soul with every sip.
  • Elevate Your Wellness: Selenite is renowned for promoting mental clarity and spiritual growth. Let this crystal be your companion on the journey to a more enlightened and balanced self.
  • Stylish Serenity: Hydration meets style in this elegant water bottle. Carry the serene vibes of selenite wherever you go, adding a touch of sophistication to your daily routine.
  • Effortless Crystal Energy: No rituals required – simply fill your bottle, let the selenite work its magic, and enjoy the refreshing benefits of crystal-charged hydration.

How to Enjoy: Fill up your Selenite Crystal Water Bottle, take a moment to absorb its calming energy, and relish in the pure, revitalizing taste of crystal-infused water.

Why Selenite? Selenite is a very high vibration energy crystal that provides healing & protection. It removes stagnant energy from your aura and provides a healthy flow. And for a celestial touch, detach the crystal during a full moon to recharge and enjoy the benefits of moon water or use the crystal for meditation.

Bring clarity to your hydration ritual with our Selenite Crystal Water Bottle – where purity and style harmonize for a truly refreshing experience. 🤍💦

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